Joslins East West Karate - Joslin's East West Karate - a study of hypocrisy

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First impressions can be misleading.Joslin's East West Karate a contradiction of the values it teaches its students.

The first "free lesson" is an aggressive sales pitch, feels like you're buying a time share. You get pressured into a contract, which is not presented in an honest manner - our instructor called it a release form and said that it was only in case we got injured - not the case at all! Once you sign, your billing is turned over to a 3rd party (Educational Fund Company - Google them, they are shady), out of state collection agency. If you have any questions or concerns, you get volleyed back and forth.

Joslin's misrepresents information in CONTRACTS, steals money from the sick and the poor. I have developed a chronic illness and my husband has been laid off from his job - we took these concerns to our "FRIENDS" at Joslin's, and Mr. Ron Joslin responded with hostility, physically threatening my husband who was very polite and honest.

Do not enter into a contract with Joslin's!!They represent themselves as a family organization with integrity, but they are dishonest.

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I brought my Son here because he was having confidence issues. End the end it was a giant waste of time and a huge waste of money. I am not surprised to see the above comments, I was treated the same way.


In response to the last comment posted: I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to tell the whole truth, to everyone even thinking of doing business with Joslin's.Do they have some great instructors?

Absolutely. Are they entirely forthcoming with their policies? No, they aren't. We have tried to work things out with Joslin's amicably and approached them very nicely, and were treated horribly.

If Joslin's had made any effort whatsoever to uphold the values they teach and treat us with even an ounce of respect, we would have HAPPILY returned to classes when our situation (health and finances) improved. Absolutely. We really enjoyed the two months of classes we were able to attend.

We were shocked at how we were treated, particularly by Mr.Ron Joslin, and therefore we will not be returning, and we will be telling our story - the whole story - to anyone thinking of going to Joslin's to learn karate.


How about you take personal responsibilty and just say..."I didn't read the contract because I'm ignorant!!" I find it hard to believe that Ron Joslin would threaten your husband.

What a joke! More than likely, your husband came in and tried to play hard ball (because of his male ego trying to protect his sick wife), and got bounced out on his ***!

Sound about right?How about you tell the whole story and not half truths!!

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